Brand identity & cannabis packaging

With the recent legalization of marijuana in California, newly established CA dispensaries now needed a way to connect with local growers. When two pot-friendly entrepreneurs out of the Bay Area realized that there were no major players filling this roll they formed Cannastride and were able to obtain one of only three available licenses to distribute in the state. Cannastride is now the first cannabis wholesale distribution company in California.

Cannastride engaged me to design their brand identity as well as a packaging solution that growers could utilize if they didn't have on-the-shelf packaging of their own. The final logo incorporates a simplified geometric pot leaf that points outwards in all directions symbolizing organized dispersement. The visual style utilizes bright and poppy colors resembling the graffiti scene and lifestyle of the Bay Area and Los Angeles where most of Cannastride’s initial clientele are based.

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Brand identity & cannabis packaging

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