Cynthia Spence Design, Inc.

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Cynthia Spence Design Inc. is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Their mission is to design beautiful and timeless interiors that provide solace and an oasis of calm in this increasingly noisy world. Livability is the guiding principal behind their work — where comfort, form and function go hand in hand. To Cynthia Spence Design Inc., less is more.

Cynthia Spence approached me to help her with an entire brand refresh. She wanted her brand to better represent her and her work – elegant, simplistic, creative and sophisticated. Her new logo plays on the idea that less is more with the removal of the vowels in her mark. It is also framed to imply that she works within a given interior space. This framing is also pulled into the visual style of the brand. Lots of white space is used to further the feel of openness and simplicity with hints of black, gray and sliver to touch on a bit of elegance. Her new website follows a unique offset grid and utilizes subtle animation adding to its sophistication.

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Van's Aircraft

Rebrand & website redesign


2017 Product Catalog


Brand identity & cannabis packaging

Fort George Brewery

Website redesign


Book Design

Cynthia Spence
Design, Inc.

Brand Identity & Website

Board Graphics


Fort George Brewery

Sweet Virginia Series Packaging

Defiance Machine

Website redesign

Covo Espresso

Brand Identity & Espresso Packaging

Valley Isle Excursions

Destination Icons

Pacific trail


The Modern-Day Falconer

Falconry Instructional Book


Headphone Packaging


Website redesign

Logo Design

Selected Brand Identity Work
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