2020 Sail Graphics & Color Design

NeilPryde lives and thrives through the victories of its riders which underline the innovation and quality of the NeilPryde brand and product. Every year new product is released showcasing the latest in windsurfing sail innovation. Sail colorways and graphics are also evolved.

New for 2020, we decided to unify the sail frame colors across all colorways. This would help reduce excess material waist in the production process, thus reducing NeilPryde's environmental footprint and increasing overall cost savings. But settling on one frame color was a challenge to say the least. We needed something that would feel like an evolution of past sails, be unique to NeilPryde, align with past color trends, and work with multiple colorways that would feel completely different yet of the same family.

After a long trial and error process we eventually decided on what we call NeilPyde Plum (Pantone 229 C) paired with NeilPryde Grape (Pantone 5115 C). NeilPryde Plum lands somewhere between crimson and dark magenta depending on how the light hits the fabric. NeilPryde Grape is a dark purple used to help frame the inner panel colors as well as accent NeilPryde Plum. Three color gradients were selected for the inner panels to create three different colorways: black/cyan, purple/cyan, and red/pink. The resulting colorway executions are vibrant on the water, ownable to NeilPryde, and have been well received by the windsurfing market.

The 2020 Collection

17 Sails. 4 colorways.

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2020 Sail Graphics &
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